Zombie Killer Squad review

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Zombie Killer Squad by section studio. Inc
Being face to face with all these infinite runners on the App Store, they tend to get quite tedious with the never ending swiping your finger in the appropriate direction every few seconds. However this game challenges the rules for an infinite runners and adds new features and gameplay design which makes people believe that there is hope once again. I have had a few goes on this game and each time I get that extra bit further which never stops to add new aspects to the game which make it both fun and challenging.

Even though it is an infinite runner, it does make it more interesting through simple touch shooting controls. Shooting zombies adds more fun into the mix because doing so will give you more rewards like ammo for your shot gun and extra coins. Further more, as you progress further into the run- around 10,000 points players face more challenges such as pits in the road and an increased amount of zombies and obstacles. Obstacles include barriers which require rolling under and moving lorries (my downfall).

Not only is this game good to look at but the sound is… Charming, each character comes with a set of catch phrase unique to them. This adds an incentive to unlock each and every character. If you are a fan of Tom syndicate as I am you will not be buying anything on the store for quite a while just so you can unlock his character for 20,000 and other famous youtuber SeaNanners for 50,000

As the new update hit the App Store and play store it brought with it a tonne of new features. Three new weapons including a sniper, crossbow and a new shotgun. These will be constantly be updated making your weapon locker bigger. We also have a new skin for zombies and a silhouette of a new character who might be released in the next update.

This game has very minor faults and that is that everything in the games store is a little bit expensive and requires a very long time of playing to raise the amount of credits. However if you want to speed up the process you can use money from you Apple or google wallet. Another problem is the nattering from the characters. Because it is a simple game the amount of catchphrases and dialogue each character has is limited, it begins to grate but this can easily be avoided by muting the sound or taking regular breaks from the game. To play this game for android users used to be a bit of a hassle because I believe it could only be bought from amazon but now it has been out for a while it is available on play.google.com

Overall this is a very good infinite runner and all round app and Section Studios have done a very good job with help in planning from Syndicate and SeaNanners . The simplicity and cartoony look makes it a very fun game for people of mass age ranges. I would suggest to anyone who is a fan of Syndicate and/or SeaNanners to download this game.

This game is free on the App Store and the google play store.


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