Update-I’m Coming Back

First and foremost, I want to apologise for my extended absence. Originally I took time off so I could focus on my college work. Usually I take the time to add some content on here around my work, however it was my final major. Two years of work and preparation all came down to thirteen weeks of solid working. I had a lot riding on this unit because two awesome years of my life – socially and¬†educationally were coming to end and I didn’t intend to waste them, producing something shitty. Plus I needed things to go well so I could get onto the ideal university course for me (more on that at a later date).

I finished college back in May so it would be reasonable to assume that shortly after I would get back to this site. I had decided that I was going to take a break and relax after my time in college but I guess that break got a bit out of hand and I enjoyed doing nothing too much. I do not have an excuse for why I left for so long except my own lack of motivation. BUT that is going to change.

*House Keeping*

In my absence I have produced content and I will be adding them to this site. The content is old and is available on YouTube and has been for some time but to help synergy I will be posting it here. I have two video production that I made for college, an unboxing video and twenty one videos from the Mirrors Edge Catalyst. For those who were curious about why I didn’t post about E3 this year, I was live tweeting the event and I did participate on the Tom Inniss Podcast, however due to busy schedules, the episode didn’t go live and because it was on a shared computer it is probably lost. I do have eight pages of notes that I took during the conferences that I could post if people wanted (but I doubt anyone could read them).

My reaction to the Spiderman PS4 game
My reaction to the Spiderman PS4 game

Furthermore, video content will be stopping momentarily because I no longer have the full Adobe suite. This means I have no editing or image compositing software to use. I had previously used Hit3 Express but that turned my footage pink.

Once again I am sorry for leaving and not returning in a timely manner. I will be more active on the site from here out.


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