Titans Season 1 Review

You didn’t have to be the world’s greatest detective to see that the expectations for this show couldn’t get any lower. Despite this, Titans is a stand out show and a success for DC’s new online subscription.

DC launched a subscription service called DC Universe. Which provides customers with access to pre-existing films, television shows and comic books. Most notably a slate of original programming. The first series to air was Titans.

The Titans TV show was covered in doubt and disappointment since it’s announcement in April 2017. Viewers had a problem with multiple costumes and just how gritty and dark the show would be.

The premise of the show revolves around the central characters; Raven, Robin, Starfire and Beastboy banding together as they all become tangled up the mysticism and unfortunate nature of Ravens’ abilities and the mysterious cult trying to capture her. Friendship is pivotal to this show and the Titans characters in general. Fortunately for viewers the cast seem to have chemistry to each other and it makes the on screen bonds seem more likely. Sometimes the writing and acting can be a bit clunky but it is mostly during the first couple of episodes, but this could be everyone trying to find their footing.

The most striking thing about the show is the violence. Compound fractures and blood splatters galore. Possibly excessive but it does serve a purpose. The show focuses around broken individuals and their struggles which they hope can be relieved by finding solace in each other.

Overall Titans season one was surprisingly great and the writers done a great job laying the foundation for their own universe created for the DC Universe platform. A second season has already been confirmed and can’t come soon enough. The next show slated for this universe is Doom Patrol – who were introduced in Titans and releases in 2019.


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