Star Wars Battlefront 3: Are games with no campaigns bad?

If you are a fan of Star Wars then I imagine this week has been one of the best of your life. We had the Star Wars celebration where the second trailer for Force Awakens was released, and it was epic. Video game fans don’t fret because we were delivered a trailer for the long awaited Star Wars Battlefront 3. I have never played a Battlefront game but I am pretty excited about this, because the series is highly regarded as some of the best games the playstation 2 had to offer..

Big news came from the developers DICE today; there would be no campaign, and it seems to have created a pretty big rift between fans. Even though the old Battlefront games never had campaigns. Instead the game will have short missions that can be played alone or co-op split screen and/or online. These are basically the Spec Ops missions from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3. Just like the Spec Ops missions, they will increase in difficulty and give you an overall score.


Personally I think that this is a good idea, considering the extended universe created by the comics and books are no longer canon. Also it’s coming out at the same time as the film which means that they can’t have different stories because it’s not guaranteed that everyone who goes to see the film will play the game. This does not give DICE anywhere to really pull a story from. The rift made really realize that a lot of people really cherish and expect campaigns now.


Looking at the comments on this matter when it was announced, people were stating that they were hugely disappointed and how a lot of them would be boycotting the game all because it didn’t have a traditional campaign. This is surprising because one of the biggest games of recent times (Destiny) didn’t have a traditional campaign and that game is loved. Thousands of people flood the servers everyday even though the gameplay is said to be repetitive and grindy. It seems no matter what developers do, players are never happy.



I am a huge fan of campaigns because playing for a story is easier and generally more fun than just multiplayer. It gives me something to play for as there is an end goal and satisfaction once it’s done, instead of playing any multiplayer just for the sake levelling up. However I am a fan of multiplayer when it is good because it extends play time and is great for procrastinating. Furthermore, with E-Sport becoming more popular and accepted, multiplayer games seem to be a good direction.Campaigns just have to be necessary. If the story is enjoyable and allows you to finish it in different playstyles then multiplayer isn’t needed – example, Dishonoured.


Titanfall. It is a multiplayer only game and it is great. It had a campaign of sorts but it was just different lobbies with an excuse of a story squished in there.Nevertheless I can play it for hours. Fortunately I purchased it a year after release, after updates and once the season pass was cheap. This way I had all game modes.


To conclude, multiplayer only games are good if they are fun and there is lots of content at release. The producer of the game Craig Mcleod stated more about the story missions would be shown at E3 this year. It is too early to start judging baring in mind that we have not seen ANY gameplay.


Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled for release in November 17th 2015


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