Should The Cowel Be Retired Or Passed On?

Should the cowl be passed on or be retired?

An article discussing the future of Batman games and possible ideas of Rocksteady’s next game.

With Rocksteady announcing that this years Batman Arkham Knight will be there last Batman game it leaves fans with a concerning fear for the future of Batman games. Who will make the next, will it match up with Rocksteady games? Very serious questions. A fear that I have and others too is will Warner Brothers Montreal get the rights to the games.

Game director Sefton Hill from Rocksteady announced in a game informer interview that their next project will not be Batman related,does this mean that WBM will try to buy the rights to the series, and try to deliver the next big Batman game which they failed to provide with their entry of the series with Batman Arkham Origins. A game which failed to deliver that caped crusader fix. Not to slate the capabilities of WBM because that is not what this article is about but Rocksteady handed them the same game engine and assisted with story and the game still ended up being pretty poor. Does this mean that no one is able to produce a game worthy of standing up to Rocksteady’s games?

In the same interview Hill stated that their next game isn’t even going to be Batman related or even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game. Unfortunately this pretty much cancels out a Justice League game which I was hoping for and I know most fans were too. However, this does not rule out the idea of a superhero game.. Personally I would want Rocksteady to pick up the canceled Flash game from 2008.

Overall I believe that the cowl should be retired until a capable developer is ready to make it anew and make it their own but being faithful to the Rocksteady way.

If I develop any more ideas about the future of Batman games it will be here.
Interview with Sefton Hill commenting on why this is the end of the Arkham franchise:

My youtube channel where I will be posting Batman Arkahm Knight news:


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