Septembers 2016 Games with Gold

This is a good month for games.

Xbox One Native

Earthlock: Festival of Magic will be available during the whole month of September

Assassins Creed Chronicles: China will available from the 16th of September to the 15th of October

Assasins Creed CC
Fantastic Game
Earthlock Cover
Looks Interesting








Xbox 360/Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Forza Horizon will be available from the 1st to the 15th of September

Mirror’s Edge will be available from the 16th to the 30th of September

Supposed to be great
Supposed to be grea

Mirror's Edge boxart

This appears to be a really good month for games. I have played two of them and couldn’t recommend them enough, Forza speaks for itself and continues to be a well known good franchise and the other is a brand new game making its debut on Games for Gold.

Remember as long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can get all of these games even if you don’t have an Xbox One. You can go onto the Xbox website and purchase them. If you decide to buy an Xbox One, then they will all be waiting for you to download.

UK Xbox

US Xbox


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