Rise of the Tomb Raider Will Not Have Muliplayer

Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second installment of the rebooted series will not have multiplayer.

Tomb Raider was rebooted in 2013 for last gen consoles and then re-released for current gen consoles in 2014. The game was very well received except for the very clearly tacked on multiplayer. The multiplayer was added on just a couple of months and this was very obvious once you played it.

It seems for ROTTR, they have decided to ditch the multiplayer and make it a solely a single player game. Whilst I am glad of this because it means more time and resources can be spent developing and working on the campaign. However I am slightly disappointed because Tomb Raider could have a really good multiplayer. The foundations which were set could have been developed on.

Having a co-op gamemode could work really well. I hate to make the comparison but Uncharted had awesome co-op features. There were wave survivals and co-op adventures, where there were three players who would go on sub stories that intertwine the first three games.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released

November 10th 2015 for North America

November 13th 2015 for the UK and Europe

The dates above are for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Pc, Playstation 4 & 3 come out next yer

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