Reel 2 Recent Episode 2: TRON 1982 VS SPY KIDS 3-D (2003) + VIDEO GAME MOVIES

Link to Podcast Episode 2

After the podcast booted up with a horrendous start, the guys are back with an episode themed entirely around video game movies. Reel 2 Recent goes hard with a discussion pitting the original 1982 Tron against 2003’s Spy Kids 3-D. Both films are based around the protagonist being beamed into a video game, both include a huge amount of digital effects. However, only one can win in Reel 2 Recent. Which one do you think won?

Alongside our signature section comes a discussion about our favourite video game movies. Resident Evil, Prince of Persia and more appear, but not everyone agrees. All of thisĀ amazingĀ content is available to listen to alongside our first stab at a dedicated news section! There’s a lot to sink your ears into!

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