Sometimes I like to crawl out of my sett and ramble with my friends and colleagues about topics that take my fancy.

Currently I am one of three hosts on a film podcast called Reel 2 Recent. A podcast in which we pit two movies connected by heritage or theme against each other. Do the originals still hold up? Does the modern interpretation improve? It’s time to find out.

Link to podcast Episode 1

In the maiden voyage of the Reel 2 Recent podcast, Paddy, Liam and Lewis take a trip down to 90’s budget horror. As Jennifer Aniston’s film debut, Leprechaun (1993) sounds like it should have a least a drip of quality to it. Well, aren’t you in for a treat.

Alongside the original, we’ll be comparing Leprechaun to its newest iteration: Leprechaun Returns. As a direct sequel to the first movie, does it improve upon its base? Or does it fall flat on its face?

With an ending conversation all about the Oscars, there’s more content than you might even want.

Link to Podcast Episode 2

After the podcast booted up with a horrendous start, the guys are back with an episode themed entirely around video game movies. Reel 2 Recent goes hard with a discussion pitting the original 1982 Tron against 2003’s Spy Kids 3-D. Both films are based around the protagonist being beamed into a video game, both include a huge amount of digital effects. However, only one can win in Reel 2 Recent. Which one do you think won?

Alongside our signature section comes a discussion about our favourite video game movies. Resident Evil, Prince of Persia and more appear, but not everyone agrees. All of this amazing content is available to listen to alongside our first stab at a dedicated news section! There’s a lot to sink your ears into!

Link to Podcast Episode 3

In the third episode of Reel2Recent, we tackle a childhood classic: the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A magical tale of chocolate and (horrible) children, which version of this Roald Dahl story is more entertaining?

With Gene Wilder as the classic Willy Wonka and Johnny Depp in the modern interpretation, which actor carries more weight? Which film has more likable kids? Which Grandpa Joe is more of a jerk? All of these questions will be answered and more!

Alongside our namesake, Reel 2 Recent, we also talk about the not-so-latest news. Without spoilers, one of the gang gets pretty mad at some recent revelations.