Update: Playstation 4 Slim leaked

Yesterday pictures began to leak of what we can consider a playstation slim.

The console emerged on the auction site Gumtree and found and reported on by NeoGaf. The listing has since been removed so we could infer that it was a fake or that it was real and Sony ordered the seller to take it down. As of yet, Sony has not commented on the leak and I doubt they will.

On the 7th of September, Sony is holding a press conference in New York where we know that they are going to unveil their more powerful console – code named Neo but maybe they have this too.

It wouldn’t be a huge surprise for them to release a slim model as Microsoft has released the first wave of their Xbox S. ┬áPlus they have done for the previous consoles, heck the PS3 had two slim versions. The images do look mightily impressive and real but, it does look pretty ugly and is completely unnecessary.

We know that Sony has sold close to 40 Million PS4’s and that they are trouncing Xbox sales. So why did they feel the need to make a slim? The original isn’t really a big console and it is not expensive either, so I don’t see a reason for this to exist. From images below we can see that it at least comes with a 500gb hardrive but nothing else. We don’t know if the hardware has been improved on, on the same level that the Xbox S was – HDR and 4K video playback. i guess we will have to wait for the Sony Conference to see if this is real.

More pictures below.





There is conclusive proof that this console exists. Below is a video from Eurogamer where the owner of Digital Foundry visited the house of the person who bought the console from GumTree.

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