Paragon: Epic Games New MOBA

The logo looks like the Shredders helmet

You will play Paragon or I will turn you into turtle soup
You will play Paragon or I will turn you into turtle soup

Developer Epic Games, the makers of Gears of War appeared at PlayStation Experience to show off their new MOBA. Paragon. It is a third person action game where you can play as, essentially superheroes. My favourite class is the Steel one, that looks like a gorilla in a mech suit with can create a shield out of its armour and leap really far, the brute class if you will.

Paragon will be making its way to PS4 and PC in 2016. Players can choose from  “ever-expanding roster of unique Heroes [and] earn cards to customize their abilities.”. The only MOBA I have played is Smite on the Xbox One and it was actually a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to see more from Epic Games. If you are more excited than me, Epic Games is offering a  paid early access to Paragon in the spring , with an open beta in the summer.

If you want to learn more about Paragon, you can visit the website.

Announcement Trailer

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