New Xbox One Bundle and Controller

Microsoft just announced the new Elite bundle. This bundle includes an Xbox with a matte finish as well as a new 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) which increases the performance of the console by up to 20%.  The solid state hybrid operates quicker than traditional harddrives, and games will load significantly faster as a result. Exciting as this is, it is rather annoying because it means those who bought earlier consoles are always going to be at a disadvantage. Current Xbox One owners would be very grateful of a new OS update to increase the speed, especially in areas such as snapping apps, and installing games onto the HDD. The Windows 10 update will be available to Preview members in September and is set to alleviate these issues. 

It also includes the new Elite controller. This has re-mapable  buttons and paddles, maxresdefaultplus customisable thumbsticks. It even comes with a carry case. Why you would want one is difficult to say, but it is nice that you get one.

This bundle will be available worldwide on the 3rd of November for $499 but other prices have not been announced yet. It is exclusive to GameStop [US] and Microsoft Stores. Pre-Orders are available now

Also announced was a new controller. The new Limited Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller (with the current controller upgrades) has a gorgeous white and gold colour scheme, with an upgraded grip texture for more comfort. I wish that the back was completely white as well, but thats just a personal preference. No official word that it is coming anywhere outside of the US but common sense suggest that it will be. In the meantime this is only available at Gamestop [US] for $64.99 with a current release date of the 21st of September. It is worth heading to the Microsoft store to see the product page because it has an awesome rotating 3D model.


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