[UPDATE] New Apple Tv Will Be Gaming Focused?

Today Apple will be holding a conference in San Francisco to show off their new shiny products, which people rush out to buy without even knowing why it is better than their previous devices and new services. Something that I am interested in, is the Apple TV. Reports are stating that the new ATV will focus on gaming.

The new Apple TV will come with an upgrade in power and also available is a game controller. People are thinking that this will dominate the gaming market and open it out to more casual gamers. This may sound really good, but I don’t see people stepping down from consoles.

The device will link to the App Store so you can get your games from there, and I assume it links to your apple account so you have access to purchased games.

I really don’t see this taking off as a gaming machine. Console gamers will not be stepping down because consoles are more powerful and capable of playing far bigger games, and those casual gamers are really covered by Nintendo. Not only is Nintendo amazing for casual gamers due to their child family centric titles, but also the DS. The DS is a wonderful device that has an amazing library of games and can be taken anywhere.

We will have to wait after the conference to see what Apple have in mind for their new device and their stance on gaming. Only for Valve to come out with the Steam Machine and destroy everyone.


No. No it’s not.

The conference was yesterday and as per usual Apple delivered a big o’l slap in the face to people who bought recent products, but I was only interested in finding out if the new Apple TV would be video game focused. As i suspected, it was not. The only thing that was revealed related to video games was that you could play a game in multiplayer. Plus the make of Rock Band is making Beat Sports. This is essentially Wii Sports tennis on an Apple TV. This doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future, but Apple are already a few years late to fill in that gap in the market.


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