Metal Gear Online Launch Date Revealed

Metal Gear solid 5: The Phantom Pain Online is coming very soon. I actually forgot that there was an online component for the game, the main game seems so large and expansive that it doesn’t need a multiplayer. But it does.

It launches on October 6th and is free for those who own the Phantom Pain. This way, it allows players to finish the game without worrying that they will fall behind because they are taking too long to play the campaign. To me, this sounds like the multiplayer will be purchasable separately. If this turns out to be the case, then that will be amazing. I believe that publishers should offer the option to buy either full games or to get campaign or multiplayer on their own.

Just like a lot of games that are on current-gen and last-gen consoles, there are some differences.

The multiplayer will support up to sixteen players on current-gen and PC. But will only support up to twelve players on last-gen

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