Green Lantern Opening Sequence (Animation)

This is an animated piece of work I created for college.

Our brief was to create an opening credit sequence for a film of our choice. It could be a real film or completely made up. I chose to make an opening for Green Lantern. I wanted to show off what the power ring could do because I felt that something that is only limited by imagination was not used that much in the film.

I wanted to show off the origin of Hal Jordan and that is why I had the ring leave Oa and fly across the universe with the alien who dies and gives the ring to Jordan. I chose to have it based out inside of a comic book because the character has a rich history and I thought it would look really cool.

I am pleased with how the finished product came out. There are a few parts that I could tweak – making sure the 3D layers don’t shift and speeding up the rings position in places. Furthermore, I could have made different constructs because the constructs that I made featured in the film. I had run out of time or I would have made more.

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