EA-Geniuses or Money Grabbers

In 2013 EA were voted “Worst Company In America” for the second year in a row. You would have to imagine that this was rather embarrassing for them and that they are doing everything in their power not be in the same situation again. Recently it appears that they are taking a step in the right direction. The newly revamped EA Play event they had at E3 was to show consumers that they are growing up and are ready to show what they can be. Despite their best intentions, they might have put themselves back in the crosshairs.

The Battlefield 1 game which has amassed an astronomical following, will be released on October 21st globally across Xbox, Playstation 4 and Origin. However if you don’t want the game but want to jump on the hype – or you just love collectibles, EA has you covered.

They are selling the collectors edition without a game and as you can imagine people aren’t very happy with it. Calling EA money grabbers and con artists. At this point I believe people will spin anything shit all over it, because it’s EA and it’s “fashionable” to do that. Personally, I think this is a really good idea.

The Pros

  1. Caters to the digital audience who do not want to faff around with discs
  2. Allows those who prefer digital to have the items without buying the game twice
  3. Suits those who just wish to have statues instead of games –  I have no interest in playing Battlefield but the statue does look incredible.

I realise those points sound similar but I personally can’t see why this is so bad and why people are so harsh and ready to destroy EA in the comments.

EA are a multibillion dollar company and don’t need business advice from a loud vocal minoriity mostly made up of teens who aren’t old enough to play a lot of their games. They spend millions on marketing and research and some data must have told them that this would be a good idea and it could potentially make them a lot of profit. I doubt the CEO of EA  – Andrew wilson woke up one morning and told the shareholders, “do you know what will annoy our fans? If we just sell a collectors edition for Battlefield 1 without a game.” No. Actual research went into this decision.

Maybe I am missing something or I am an optimist in this occassion. If you have any thoughts on the situation, leave a comment below or you can reach me on one of the social media links on the page.

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