Destiny Getting A Racing Mode

As Destiny has made it allegiances to Playstation, it makes its appearances on the Sony stage at conventions. Today at the Playstation Experience it was announced that Destiny is getting a new gamemode. Sparrow Racing. Exclusive to Destiny: The Taken King. It is a six player racing mode which pits you against players on race tracks on Mars and Venus for special items. There is special armour and racing suits that you can win and even wear around the Tower.

Sparrow Racing is just around the corner and starts next Tuesday 8th December and lasts for three weeks. For those on the PS4, there is an exclusive Sparrow for you to have. It wasn’t mentioned if this Sparrow is only available for the three weeks but I would hazard a guess and say you get to keep it indefinitely.

This will also be available for the Xbox One too.

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