Dante’s Fall Review

Image taken from Dante's Fall Press Kit

Dante’s Fall


Players control the Dante 411 probe down into the depths of the Earth. The objective is to see how far you can get without crashing the probe into ledges and spirals of stone.
The way in which you dodge the obstacles is by holding down on the sides of the screen. The timing of the turns is very responsive and feels really smooth and when you are dropping down a hole dodging things, this really helps. It is quite easy to be good at this game because the pattern never changes so you can memorise the pattern of the ledges.
It is not a guaranteed system because there are very quick turns that you have a fraction of a second to make. Once you pass 500m it becomes very fast and is made even more difficult because you have to decide on which way to dodge because some ledges can only be dodged by going a certain way direction.

When you pass a certain amount of metres then the stage changes from a red volcanic stage into a green misty section. If there are other stages then I am yet to find out because it requires a lot of skill (of which I don’t have) in order to progress.

Update 1.01 has given the game a new game mode called flight which is exactly the same except it looks like you are falling through the Death Star like the alliance had to in episode VI. Instead of stone ledges, this time you have to avoid pipes.

We also have been updated with difficulty levels from easy, normal and hard. Each difficulty level has it’s own high score so your friends can’t lie and say that they got three thousand metres on hard.

Dante’s fall is a very simplistic game and that is why I consider it to be a gem that has been hidden on the App Store.

Sadly this is an iOS exclusive (because everyone should play it) and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

Download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dantes-fall/id881482027?mt=8

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