Costume Caper [Student Film]

The first film I ever created for college. After we were accepted into the college, we were given the summer holidays to come up with a concept for a short film and then storyboard it. Once we started college in the fall, we got introduced to the equipment we would be using for our duration on the course and meet our tutors. This was a four week unit and for our first production it was quite nerve-wracking. Up above is the finished project.

I was going for a surreal, horror vibe, and feel that it turned more into a comedy. When planning I didn’t think about times of day that I would be filming or the lighting. This is the biggest issue I had with the final product. There were some issues, mainly with the audio. The park scene was very last moment and was almost cut out. I had to rush to get my actor and hijack someone else’s shoot for five minutes so I could get the shot. because of the rush there was next to no audio so I had to import the audio into Adobe Audition and get rid of background noise and remove certain tones just so it could be heard.

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