Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle Announced

It seems that Call of Duty is wasting no time in getting comfortable into their new home on the PS4

On the 22nd Playstation announced that there will be a new Black Ops 3 console bundle, and it looks nice.

The PS4 in this bundle has a 1TB hard drive – the first of its kind, which is always exciting.

This PS4 fe21443932258_8207ae4550_batures the Call of Duty: Black Ops III ember orange logo on a Jet Black chassis, complete with coloured power and eject buttons, as well as three emblems on the front each representing a game mode — the SOG Skull signifies campaign, the Winslow Accord faction logo is taken straight from the lore, representing one of the factions you play in multiplayer, and “the mark” denotes zombies.

The DualShock 4 included has a grey and orange colour 4575508ur scheme, along with the III logo on the right grip. The DualShock 4 as a standalone item separately from the bundle.

If you buy this bundle, you get the standard edition if the game (bit of a joke) but also gets access to NUK3TOWN Map. As Call of Duty is now native to Playstation, this now means that PS4 owners get the DLC 30 days early instead of those on Xbox One.

There is also a 500gb version of the bundle available.

The bundle will launch for $449.99 in North America

The bundle will launch for $549.99 in Canada 

The Bundle will launch from £359.99 in the UK

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