Batman Arkham Knight: Catwoman’s Revenge DLC

What is there to say, it is another time filling 15 minute piece of DLC.

Catwoman plays the same as she did in the campaign except the was an element of stealth this time. Nothing has been added to the combat or any other mechanics.

This is a decent DLC pack considering it is £1.60. If you value your DLC in the way of time to price, it isn’t too bad. If you are a better player than I was – even though I played on New Game Plus.
The only issue I found with Catwoman in the game is that she was downgraded character. Which still irks me because in Arkham City Catwoman had a fairly prominent role and in Arkham Knight, she was downgraded to damsel position.

Overall, if you want the entire Arkham Knight experience then you should get it. It really isn’t expensive. If you are not that fussed about it, then it’s not something you should be upset about missing.

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