Batman Arkham Knight: A Flip Of A Coin DLC

It may not seem like it in the video, but I actually had fun playing this DLC, which is very surprising considering how I have previously spoken about the “Arkham Episodes”.

Playing as Robin definitely isn’t as fun or as easy as Batman, you have less gadgets and you don’t look as cool – well I didn’t because I was using the 60’s Robin skin. Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 23.57.14

This DLC had a nice mix of Combat and stealth sections, there was even a puzzle (which I struggled on). It truly felt like it could have been a part of the game, unlike the Catwoman DLC which just felt disjointed.

This DLC cost £1.59 and I would say it was worth that. It is a good little piece of DLC and is worth playing.

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