My name is Paddy Inniss and I am currently studying Games Journalism and PR at Staffordshire University. In university and I am working with industry professionals in order to create quality content, such as reviews, opinion pieces, and video content. Before university, I studied Media Production at college, where I was tasked with making anything from short films, adverts and even animations.

I chose to study media because from a young age I was interested in the movie business. It always fascinated me how movies were made. From FX, to stunts and huge set pieces. Directing was one ambition, as was acting (but it’s safe to say I can rule that out) Being the creative force behind a production is something I very much like to do – I have a creative imagination and huge ambitions which can lead me into complications.

 I also have a passion for video games, this will also be shared upon this site. I love to play and discuss video games. My aim is to hopefully write reviews or create other content based around video games in the future. There will be a number of reviews, opinion pieces and videos posted over time, which can all be found within the blog drop down menu.

 The final thing about me is that I am an avid comic book fan. I mainly read Marvel and DC but if the stories are interesting, I will read other books from different publishers. I also collect a few comic lines in both physical and digital. Both libraries have a sum total of near eight hundred 


During my time at university, I have achieved NCTJ Credits in:

  • Essential Media Law and Regulation
  • Business of Magazines

Since joining my college course in September of 2014, I have learnt a lot about the scenes in front and behind the camera and about myself and what I’m good at.

In the year that I have been on my course, I have learnt how to use a number of different software. I am also no stranger to client work as in my first year, I worked on a project for Ogilvy who were representing Barclays and PIAS Record Label worked with our college to make a series of music videos for the Artist Chet Faker.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC2018
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5/CS6/CC2018
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/CS6/CC2018
  • Adobe After Effects CS5/CS6/CC2018
  • Adobe Soundbooth/Audition CS5/CS6/CC2018
  • Maya –  a professional 3D software (Used on films such as Tangled and the game Halo 4). You can see an example of this in my music video for Chet Faker’s “Blush” I only dabbled in this though
  • Cinema 4D – another 3D software that I am growing more accustomed too. I used this a lot more than I did Maya. The whole of my intro was made using Cinema 4D